Cookware firm plans to optimise stock

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Le Creuset, the maker of cast iron cookware, is moving over to AGR’s Inventory Optimiser to improve its inventory management and demand forecasting capabilities.

The aim of the project is to reduce stockholding, while providing very high levels of product availability and customer service.

Prior to selecting AGR, Le Creuset was carrying out very limited inventory control and forecasting calculations using data from its Microsoft Dynamics ERP system in Excel spreadsheets.

Gavin Wheaton, operations director at Le Creuset, said: “Having invested in MS Dynamics, we could see that we had a huge area for potential improvement in our inventory management and forecasting capabilities. We looked at a number of products and AGR appeared to be exactly what we were looking for in terms of straightforward implementation, integration with MS Dynamics, excellent functionality and ease of use.”

The goal of the project is to reduce inventory in the warehouse and at the same time to increase product availability.

“We had too much stock in the warehouse, but were often out of stock on the products we actually needed. We also had no visibility of stock in our other 20 sites around the world, which could have helped us be more responsive and efficient,” said Wheaton.

“We anticipate an immediate reduction of 20% of our inventory, while simultaneously improving product availability and customer service.”

Implementation of the system has begun and it is due to be live and integrated with MS Dynamics by June 2010.


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