European network: France beckons for Redhead

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Bradford-based Redhead International is not only a member of the Palletforce network in the UK, it is also a member of Palet System, France’s equivalent pallet service.

Redhead runs a daily overnight service between the two network hubs in Burton-on-Trent and Paris. It also operates a groupage service from its own depots in Bradford and Paris.

Redhead then runs directly out of the Palet System hub into the Palletforce network for goods destined for the UK and Ireland from the French market.

The company also represents Palletforce in Northern Ireland and is part of the Once Distribution network in the Republic of Ireland. Redhead can now deliver goods from Dublin into the Paris city limits, and vice versa, in 24 hours.

The Palet System network in France can handle more than 3,500 pallets per day and the Once network in southern Ireland around 600 pallets per day.

Marketing manager Austin Duffy says: “We can align ourselves with pallet networks in the UK, Ireland and France to ensure a smoother operation and that goods are transported even more quickly and efficiently, with fewer problems.”

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