Storage and handling boost in Poland

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Following a period of growth the company was keen to rationalise its logistics operations across the country.

Along with increasing storage Maspex wanted to be able to make up mixed product pallets based on customer orders quickly, improve traceability, create error-free inventory and deliveries, and improve productivity. Ease of expansion in the future was also key.

System Logistics, formerly Diamond Phoenix in the UK, developed a 35m high self-clad racking system creating a storage capacity of 54,000 pallets, within a 9,000 sq m area. Some 15 stacker cranes operate within the system, each one able to handle two pallets at a time.

The system is linked to a four-storey facility, featuring a shipping area on the ground floor and a conveyor on the first floor for automatic transfer of pallets produced in a factory located across the road.

Case picking activities are carried out on the first and second floors, based on the goods-to-man principle which has doubled worker productivity.

Finally, two automated robots are located on the third floor, which are able to fulfil more than 60 per cent of the total picking volume.

All operations are managed by System Logistics’ Systore WMS and connected to the company’s SAP system.

Maspex also has the ability to extend the system to accommodate future growth, creating a total of 86,000 pallet places.





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