A measured approach

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Previously, pallets were measured by hand, which in addition to being time consuming also proved to be inaccurate when it came to invoicing.

TNT chose Mettler Toledo’s SCN840 Pallet, which is designed to measure almost any pallet with high accuracy on all shapes and surfaces. The system was set up at five different locations over existing scales and was integrated with current software through a specialised interface created by Mettler Toledo.

Prior to implementation, TNT was only able to measure around 40 per cent of pallets that passed through its depots. Now it measures some 90 per cent and earns more money on each pallet measured as companies are invoiced according the amount of space goods occupy in vehicles.

In one depot TNT previously didn’t have time to measure pallets at all and charged for them based on weight alone. In this particular situation the system paid for itself within two weeks.


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