Not just proof, this is M&S proof

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Proof of delivery has become an essential element of any home delivery operation, and when Wincanton won the contract for Marks and Spencer Home Delivery last year it chose a Microlise system for the operation.

Wincanton rolled out Motorola handheld devices running Microlise’s Proof of Delivery software to their 2-man Home Delivery operation.

Drivers are able to download, review and carry out their delivery schedule, supported by integrated Co-pilot 8 Satellite Navigation.

At a customer’s address, the driver can scan the delivered or collected items and ask the customer to sign for the delivery on the mobile data terminal.

Any delivery issues are captured as they occur and communicated to the back office system in real-time using standard “reason codes” – along with, if required, a digital image of the problem captured using the devices built in camera. Additionally, any tasks, such as vehicle inspections, can be managed using the application.

All of the captured data, transmitted back via the GPRS data network, is processed by Microlise’s back office software, before being interfaced out to various management information and customer service systems.

The Microlise Proof of Delivery system is a link in the chain of what is an entirely integrated Wincanton-M&S Home Delivery operation, with all transactions linked seamlessly from the initial order to the end customer.

The benefits of electronic proof of delivery include, increased real-time visibility, improved delivery accuracy, reduced paperwork management and reduced administration overhead with all of the electronic delivery information being seamlessly processed and readily accessible – both to support customer queries, should they arise, and to support the operator in its contract management activities.


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