Voice picking boost for hardware wholesaler

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Unifix SWG reckons it has reduced error rates, improved overall quality in work and increased productivity following installation of an SSI Schaefer warehouse management system with voice picking at its warehouse in Terlano, Italy.

Unifix is a wholesaler specialising in products and systems for shops in the hardware, DIY, building, carpentry, electrical and hydraulic sectors. The main product lines include screws for wood and structural work, plugs and anchors, joining pieces for wood, chemical products, hand tools, fixing elements and hardware for furniture.

SSI Schaefer was contracted by Unifix to transfer its storage and distribution warehouse at Terlano from a manual facility into a new, partially automated system. The WAMAS warehouse management system was installed and the warehouse slowly reorganised to match the new picking stations connected to the conveyor system.

Products are now registered at the goods-in department to send the necessary information to the ERP system. Voice picking technology is used in various picking stations with dynamic staging, which are organised and driven by the system. The WAMAS system is also responsible for the routeing of conveyor paths until the products in the goods-out department are stored in a buffer (automated small-parts warehouse). Then, the closed orders are transferred to the packing station and goods can be prepared for loading.

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