LXE launches four headsets

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LXE, the rugged mobile computer business, has launched four headsets designed for voice recognition applications, such as intensive picking.

The new models are:
* ToughTalk HS1 – Single ear, single over-the-head headband
* ToughTalk HS2 – Single ear, dual over-the-head headband
* ToughTalk HS3 – Wireframe, dual ear, behind-the-neck
* ToughTalk HS4 – Rugged, single ear, dual padded over-the-head headband

The headsets are designed so the worker can hear the system prompts in all
types of warehouse environments. They operate in -40 °C to +50 °C temperatures, they use a dual sound port microphone design, which facilitates increased cancellation of ambient noise. They use a waterproof microphone, suitable for dry, cooler or freezer use.

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