Good things come in small packages

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When a retailer sends in an order the application automates a message translation process so no matter what format it has been sent in OmPrompt will convert it into the format Nestlé requires.

OmPrompt chief executive John Wakeman says the problem of how to make electronic ordering and trading possible for all supply chain partners has long been an issue, particularly as he reckons small retailers cannot afford the sophisticated exchange systems used by large companies.

Wakeman explains: “Because this is a SaaS application using the latest cloud computing technology, the order is automatically forwarded to OmPrompt and within 15 minutes is received by Nestlé in the same way an order from the biggest supermarkets would be.”

During the implementation, Nestlé ran a series of parallel acceptance tests and compared the results against existing manual order entry processes. David Walker, customer services manager for

Nestlé Business Services UK and Ireland, says: “The output from OmPrompt was highly accurate and error-free, identifying manual data entry errors we didn’t even know we had. As a result, Nestlé has vastly improved the accuracy of outbound order fulfilment process, increased customer satisfaction and consequently reduced the cost of reverse logistics.”

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