Law of the road

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“The main benefit for us is that we now have live awareness of our fleet. It gives us accurate positional data and tells us what drivers are doing and when,” says Nick Green, managing director of the distribution company. “By reducing idle time and improving driving style we have saved in the region of 400 litres of diesel a week.”

The results are displayed in a league table which has also inspired drivers to want to do better. “It’s become a mini competition between drivers because no-one wants to be at the bottom.”

Green reckons the company has probably removed the need for an additional driver by using Isotrak as it is now saving 30 to 40 hours a week in driving time.

Previously Graylaw was using tachographs and verbal de-briefs. “We still do de-briefs but they are much more useful now. They are quicker and more factual as we can address problems then and there,” adds Green.

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