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Europe’s leading logistics services and equipment suppliers are making their way to Coventry for the Logistics Link Live Exhibition at the Ricoh Arena. Logistics Link Live brings logistics and warehousing to life by providing a unique opportunity to see live demonstrations of products, systems and services.
And this year it has moved to an exciting new venue located in the heart of the UK and in the heart of logistics – the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.
Central to Logistics Link Live is the live demonstration arena which will feature leading logistics suppliers performing large scale demonstrations around the clock.
There is also a free seminar programme which will feature case studies from leading logistics suppliers. To avoid disappointment, register in advance to attend these sessions to gain valuable information on best industry practice.
Of course, there will be some 100 leading suppliers all under one roof, all showing products and services targeted at the logistics market.
Tesco gets a lift
Transdek is installing 6.5 tonne double-deck lifts at Tesco Extra stores at the rate of two a week, and will have a lift on display at the show. Double-deck lifts are designed to reduce distribution costs and improve carbon footprints through the use of fixed double-deck trailers. The lifts being installed at Tesco have been specifically designed for use at store level. The key innovation has been in the development of surface mounted hydraulic lifts, built into a chassis along with all working components and electrics. These are pre-tested off-site, meaning that installation can be achieved in less than a day and a half.
New approach to apprenticeships
SLB is one of the new Apprenticeship Training Agencies that is now being promoted in the UK. The aim is to remove the worries that deter SMEs and some large companies from taking on apprentices. It is run by South London Business, a well established organisation with a track record of working with and supporting local businesses and service providers throughout London and surrounding area. It will be showcasing its new training services for logistics, specifically for apprentices (16 to under 19).
Retail challenge
Manhattan will highlight its recently launched Zero Disappointment Retail, a system-enabled approach that allows retailers to deploy advanced supply chain optimisation techniques to present a unified brand across all channels – traditional brick and mortar stores, internet, catalogue, call centre, television and mobile. It will also be offering demonstrations of Manhattan SCALE: Supply Chain Architected for Logistics Execution, a Windows-based supply chain management system.
@Logistics Reply expands into UK
Italian software house @Logistics Reply is extending its supply chain execution business to the UK and Ireland. It has more than 270 customers in retail fashion, grocery and consumer goods; automotive production line and spare parts management; third party logistics and manufacturing. The Click Reply suite has been developed over the past 15 years.
Keep taking the tablets
Skeye will be presenting a new mobile terminal in tablet format designed for deployment in the field service and logistics market. It has a 5.7″ touch screen display and weighs less than 800 grams. The skeye.e-motion handles online communications using all common wireless technologies, including the mobile telephone network, WLAN and Bluetooth.
Systems for efficiency and savings
Implementing supply chain solutions can increase your organisation’s efficiency, improve your “green” credentials and deliver significant cost savings. In this seminar, Dave Renshaw, chief executive of OBS Logistics, will explain how, using real-life case studies.
Free prize Draw
SLB Logistics is running a free business card draw with prizes including tickets for Spurs and Chelsea football matches and Caterpillar clothing.
Mobile solutions on display
Belgravium, which specialises in the design and supply of rugged mobile devices, recently redeveloped its core web site. Visitors can find a multitude of solutions for a variety of applications including: warehouse and logistics, proof of delivery, vehicle telematics, fleet management. A specific section is dedicated to Belgravium’s bespoke solution’s capabilities.
Make sure voice is right for you
Voice is becoming increasingly common in warehouse and distribution operations as more people realise the benefits that it can produce, creating a rapid return on investment.
VoiteQ chief executive David Stanhope will present a seminar looking at it has proved the ROI by trials of the voice middleware solution, VoiceMan.
Technologies to boost picking
Dematic will be demonstrating its latest solutions for small and medium sized companies, including its innovative Voice+ and Voice+ Laser Trucks. Use of voice picking technology has shown standard-based picking rates increase by up to 35 per cent, with accuracy rates of 99.9 per cent or higher. LaserTrucks+ solutions seamlessly integrate wireless picking technology, either Voice Picking or RF Picking, with automated guided vehicles to improve the productivity of pickers in manual operations. Within the pick aisle, the LaserTruck+ simultaneously moves with the picker to pick locations, with pick confirmations directing the truck to move to the next location.
Thinking inside the box
Ranpak is a global manufacturer of paper packaging materials and systems that protect products during shipment. Using single and multi-ply paper, Ranpak systems are designed for producing packaging material for the four key in-the-box packaging applications: cushioning, wrapping, blocking & bracing and void-fill.
Unique delivery solution
The data capture technology market is bursting with innovative new products, each designed to strip error and boost traceability across supply chain and logistics operations. Unique ID, sponsored by Honeywell Scanning & Mobility, is set to run demonstrations of what it promises to be an “all in one” delivery solution from parcels to pallets.
Managing change with V-Grow
Dealing with the demands of increasingly complex global supply chains, while keeping costs and inventory low, are some of the biggest challenges businesses face today. V-Grow Logistics has bonded facilities across China offering a storage and consolidation service for all a company’s UK shipments, so that that company can ship what it is selling straight away, in turn reducing overheads in both warehouse and UK shipping costs.
Set light to your bills
Luxonic Lighting reckons it can help companies cut their lighting bills by 80 per cent, while reducing carbon footprint and maintenance costs. The light fittings manufacturer is working toward several initiatives which will help businesses reduce their power consumption; in turn cutting electricity bills.
Minster turns up volume
Minster Logistics will be exhibiting its end-to-end voice-enabled warehouse management system, designed for high-volume applications. At the core of the system is the voice-controlled management system, featuring a voice management console. The software includes modules for goods receipts, put-away, replenishment, picking, cross-docking, marshalling, loading, full stock-takes, perpetual inventory, procurement, sales order processing, purchase order processing, requirements forecasting, debt management, ledgers, in-cab integration and full sales order processing.
Narrow Aisle trucks take the floor
Narrow Aisle will show off its range of Flexi articulated forklift trucks, including the latest – the Flexi VNA, which it says is the first four-wheeled articulated truck that can operate in aisles as narrow as 1.6 metres. It has a twin front wheel drive, so the truck’s weight and the load is divided between its two front wheels to reduce tyre wear and traction. The truck features a compact axle design, which combined with its ability to articulate through 220 degrees, enables standard ISO (CHEP style) pallets to be stacked and picked in 1,600mm-wide aisles.
Doors of perception
Ro-Dor will be displaying three doors which are used within the industry.

A PVCu roller shutter door, which is compatible with various industrial applications, especially where thermal, acoustic or hygienic properties are required.
The Dynaco rapid door range, which has a knockout facility with automatic re-insertion, often a must with forklift presence, making rapid roll door suitable for internal and external applications.
A Hörmann sectional door, which in terms of function and design blends well into modern industrial architecture.
Bendi unveils latest forklifts
Bendi will be running ongoing demonstrations of its latest forklift truck ranges including the Series 10 Bendi, launched in April. This design offers 220 degree rotation and small articulation to give 1,600mm aisle performance from 4m – 13m lifts. The truck features a new drive and lift/steer system, and a “naked access service” – a first for Bendi’s articulated truck offering – which means all the truck’s components can be accessed by removing three key panels. Other launches in the pipeline include trucks designed to help boost order picking levels, and later this year, it will unveil a 2m aisle, 2.5-tonne, new counterbalance series.
Keep up with latest packaging trends
Over the past 18 months, the need for businesses to cut costs from their supply chains has led to a host of innovative ways of reducing waste, and one of the most popular with the big retailers and supermarkets has been focus on reducing packaging. And you know that an idea has a real chance of taking off when the big retailers get behind it – and that is just what is happening in packaging.
For example, in January Sainsbury’s plans to cut packaging by a third by 2015. Asda has pledged it will send zero waste from its supply chain to landfill this year, and Tesco has made similar claims. Find out how to go about reducing your business’ packaging, while boosting its green credentials. Easypack will demonstrate a range of eco-friendly packaging products, including void-fill systems such as its cardboard shredder, which churns cardboard boxes into an environmentally friendly and effective void-fill material.
Cirrus and VoiteQ
Cirrus Logistics and VoiteQ, both part of the CentriQ Group, will share a stand at the show, and will be demonstrating a range of simulation and voice-based technologies. Visitors will get the chance to see Cirrus’ CLASS product, designed to model and simulate warehouse operations. Cirrus will also be showcasing its newly-launched 12th generation 3D CLASS product which can import real warehouse activity direct from a user’s warehouse management system, which has led to faster and more accurate model building than previously possible.
VoiteQ will be demonstrating its voice-based software, and Velocity, a system which uses an operation’s RF network to manage all bulk stock movement tasks in the warehouse and provide real-time stock control.
Plug in and play with Zetes
Auto-ID specialist Zetes will unveil its first plug-and-play voice software, 3iV WES Express. Zetes says the system can be deployed in days and provides the key functionality the majority of users require and expands the reach of voice technology to companies who, as a result of resource or integration issues, were unable to reap the benefits of voice-directed picking in the warehouse.
In the MiX
MiX Telematics, the provider of fleet management systems, will be showcasing its range of fuel saving solutions. MiX Telematics’ team of industry specialists will be on hand for the duration of the event.
Make your mark
ASG Services is a leader in the manufacture, supply and installation of durable warehouse rack labels, signs and floor lines and coatings as part of its complete range of warehouse ID solutions. Together, its warehouse labels, signs and epoxy floor coatings provide a complete warehouse ID system.
Software from ATMS
ATMS offers systems for warehouse management, stock tracking, track and trace and data collection; barcode and data collection equipment that can be used independently of ATMS software. It also offers extensive integration, interlacing and e-commerce expertise, as well as project planning, training and support.
A game of Chess
Chess Logistics Technology provide warehouse management software and integrated real-time systems to maximise supply chain efficiency from manufacturer to consumer.
Chess systems support operations based on wireless LAN and mobile network communications to ensure the efficient movement of goods and the seamless flow of data in fixed and mobile workforce locations.
Shedding some light
Cooper Lighting and Safety offers a comprehensive product range including mains lighting from Crompton Lighting, architectural lighting from Axent and both emergency lighting and fire detection systems from Menvier & JSB.
Open-database WMS
DeltaWMS supplies open-database systems that can be quickly and cost-effectively integrated with any enterprise or smaller business environment to deliver immediate bottom-line benefits and a faster return on investment.
Material flow control
E&K Automation provides integrated material flow control systems for forklift truck fleets, conveyors, storage systems, block stacking and production buffers, as well as automated guided vehicle systems. It also offers process automation systems; from the factory floor controls level through to manufacturing execution systems – including process analysis and optimisation.
Networking opportunity
Ensign is an RF networking and mobile computing specialist. It is manufacturer vendor agnostic but has partnerships with RF infrastructure providers Cisco and Aruba. It has mobile computing relationships a with the major manufacturers including LXE, Intermec, Datalogic and Honeywell.
Route to environmental heaven
ISL holds exclusive distribution rights to RouteSmart, the high-density routeing software. In 2008, it added WinRoute, a low-density routeing package for containerised waste collection, product and parcels delivery.
Quiet flows the Don
Invest in Doncaster provides support for companies who wish to relocate to, or expand within Doncaster. Companies assisted by the team range from small local businesses to larger inward investors, and include both indigenous Doncaster companies and businesses wishing to locate within the borough.
Motion detection light systems
Lutterworth offers patented light fittings which incorporate individual motion detection and daylight dimming technology. It can supply a fully automatic lighting system that only ever operates when required.
Doosan on display with Midland
Midland is the main agent for Doosan Forklifts. Doosan Infracore is Korea’s largest industrial vehicle manufacturer and produces a total of 84 models of lift trucks including diesel-engine type/gasoline-LPG engine type/electric lift trucks, four models of skid steer loaders, and a telescopic handler.
Warehouse management
Red Ledge WMS provides the control that is lacking in a manual operation. Red Ledge also offers sales and purchase order processing functions; product tracking; and estimation, planning, data capture and reporting functionality.
Mobile computing
Renovotec provides mobile computing and automatic data capture solutions. Projects range across a number of industry sectors, including third party warehousing and logistics, manufacturing, retail and ports.
WMS software-as-a-service
Snapfulfil is a comprehensive “Tier 1” warehouse management system complete with full RF/barcode scanning equipment and sophisticated functionality, but is deployed in a way that is accessible to all.
Productivity provider
Solarsoft supplies business productivity software, ERP systems and IT services to manufacturers, distributors and wholesale businesses. It delivers industry specific software systems, making them easy to install and easy to use.
Management systems for logistics
Mandata will be exhibiting its range of logistics software. The company is well known for its transport management system, Manpack3, but it is also responsible for a wide range of logistics products.
Cost-effective voice systems
top-VOX has just released topSPEECH-Lydia, a speech-controlled picking system which focuses on a client-based speech recognition and the use of common hardware, saving cost over proprietary systems.
Integrated systems for transport
Vigo Software will be demonstrating its range of software developed over 28 years of supplying traffic and warehouse systems to logistics companies, and hub systems to the overnight networks.
Sumo Glove from inotec
inotec UK will be showing samples of its barcode, RFID, line marking & label installation services for the warehouse and logistics industry, including Sumo Glove damage prevention for forklift trucks.
High level picking
Jungheinrich will use the demonstration area to highlight developments in its order-picking system to cope with reduced inventories, JIT deliveries and the explosion in online shopping. The company will run live demonstrations of the new EKS 312 High Level order picker equipped with Jungheinrich’s Warehouse Navigation System. This navigation system automatically takes the picker, under operator control, to the next pick location. By optimising the diagonal travel path and slowing down exactly when required the system can help increase pick efficiency and accuracy, while saving energy. The Jungheinrich Projects team will also be available to discuss its intra-logistics offerings, including Jungheinrich racking, throughput and pick simulations, warehouse management systems, automation, and full turnkey project management. Visitors will also be able to view a selection of the Jungheinrich materials handling equipment range including the EKS110 second level order picker and reach trucks, counterbalance and powered pallet trucks, with a special show offer on the new EME114 walk-behind-powered truck.
when & where
Wednesday 16th June
9.30am – 4.00pm
Thursday 17th June
9.30am – 3.30pm
Ricoh Arena,
71 Phoenix Way,
Coventry, CV6 6GE
Enquiries hotline: 0870 744 4984
Registration fax line: 0845 003 9543
Directions: The Ricoh Arena is outside Coventry, directly on Junction 3 of the M6, with the M1, M40, M42, M69 (and NEC) all within 20 minutes. No other venue in the UK combines such an excellent location and easy parking.
Travelling by train: The railway station for the Ricoh Arena is the main Coventry railway station, which is in the city centre and approximately 6 miles away.
Free Parking: All parking is free to visitors, is all on one level and is immediately next to the building.
The error-free warehouse
Knapp will be promoting its concept of the error-free warehouse. In particular it will highlight paperless picking systems, including pick-by-light, pick-by-voice, RF and now KiSoft VISION picking, as well as order checking solutions and lot tracking technology. Craig Rollason, head of sales & marketing says: “We’ll also be explaining how the issue of ergonomics – including the integration of user-friendly materials such as wood and cushioned fascias – is a key factor in moving towards the error-free warehouse.”
Knapp will also be showcasing its universal shuttle concept, based on minimising the number of different technologies used around the warehouse. The bedrock of the universal shuttle concept is the OSR Shuttle system. Knapp says this can achieve six times the rate of totes in/out than an ASRS, with less than ten per cent of the energy use.
A new generation
Proteus Software will be demonstrating its warehouse management systems, which includes second generation voice picking, warehouse dashboard, and RF directed WMS. It will be highlighting case studies including Oakland International which quadrupled its turnover in under four years; Searchlight Electric which increased picking productivity by 20 per cent within a few months of going live with Proteus RF WMS; and Graham Brown where picking accuracy now runs at close to 100 per cent.
Lift truck maintenance apprenticeship
The Fork Lift Truck Association and Retail Motor Industry Training are to launch a new apprentice programme for forklift truck service engineers at Logistics Link Live. FLTA chief executive David Ellison will officially launch the programme at the show in the Logistics Link Live Seminar Room on Wednesday 16th June at 3.00pm. The NVQ-based programme, believed to be the first of its kind, has been modelled on training provided in UK colleges for car and van technicians; given that many of the skills cross over, but these same colleges do not have the necessary expertise to teach the additional skills required for forklift maintenance.
RFID: Is it right for you?
In seminar two Auto-ID specialists will focus on the use of RFID in the logistics and industrial sectors. The seminar will be presented by David Drinnan, managing director of Inotec UK and Jon Hall, group operations director of Belgravium.
 seminars: Please book in advance. Seminars are free.
Wednesday, 16th June
09.45 – 10.30 RFID: Is it right for you? Inotec UK and Belgravium.
10.45 – 11.15 Proof of Delivery – Cut Costs and Improve Delivery Accuracy. Psion Teklogix.
11:30 – 12:00 Using Supply Chain Systems to Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Cost. OBS Logistics.
13.00 – 13.30 Get it right first time – model it! Cirrus Logistics.
13.45 – 14.15 Voice – How easy is it? Make sure it’s right for you – try before you buy. VoiteQ.
14.15 – 14.45 Technologies to enable a demand-driven supply chain. Zetes.
15.00-15.30 New Lift Truck Maintenance Apprenticeship. Fork Lift Truck Association.
Thursday, 17th June
09.45 – 10.30 RFID: Is it right for you? Inotec UK and Belgravium.
10.45 – 11.15 Get it right first time – model it! Cirrus Logistics.
11:30 – 12:00 Technologies to enable a demand-driven supply chain. Zetes.
12:15 – 12:45 Using Supply Chain Systems to Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs. OBS Logistics.
13.00 – 13.30 Proof of Delivery – Cut Costs and Improve Delivery Accuracy. Psion Teklogix.
13.45 – 14.15 Voice – How easy is it? Make sure it’s right for you – try before you buy. VoiteQ.
Packer gives away free cutters at show
Stop by Packer’s stand to pick up a free sample cutter from the company’s safety cutter range. Packer, the trading name of Packaging Aids, offers branded value for money packaging equipment, from simple hand tape dispensers to automatic wrapping systems together with a wide variety of consumables. Visit the stand to see the company’s Sangrip moisture-resistant anti-slip load stabiliser, film-saving mobile pallet wrappers, labour-saving pallet strapping machines and other packaging items that add to safety and save time and money when moving goods.
Model strategies
Modelling and simulating a warehouse operation can ensure that potential issues are spotted and resolved before any major investment is made. Chris Staddon of Cirrus Logistics will present a seminar looking at how to achieve this.
Voice-directed solutions
Zetes will present a seminar on the latest voice-directed work solutions. Solutions consultant Gareth Thomas will look at achieving flexibility, fastest ROI and lowest ownership costs.

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