St Helens plan shrinks

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The proposals for the £400m SRFI were put on hold last year by ProLogis but have recently been resurrected to put before the council for consideration. The renewed master plan has appeared in the local free press but has not been formally submitted as a planning application.
When the proposals were put on hold in October last year, Simon Jenkins of ProLogis said: “Given the prevailing economic conditions in the UK, it is wise for ProLogis to consider its options and determine how it wishes to proceed. The viability of the project in its present configuration has to be balanced against today’s market circumstances and in comparison with the marketplace when the project was conceived over 5 years ago.
“Our intention has always been to develop an industry leading distribution facility led by a rail freight terminal with the potential of delivering thousands of jobs. We continue to work to achieve an end that is both commercially sound for ProLogis and beneficial for the local community.”

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