Case study – Drive-away defence

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Vitacress, the salad grower, packer and distributor, has chosen Castell’s drive-away prevention system, Salvo, to protect warehouse staff at its Amesbury site.

Following a couple of incidents in which drivers departed from loading bays with loaders still inside the trailer, management at Amesbury decided that it needed to find a system that would guarantee loader safety. Up to that point, drivers handed over their keys and were asked to obey traffic lights, but neither measure was foolproof. Salvo was the first system trialled and, after satisfying Vitacress’s expectations, it was installed on five loading bays. There have been no recorded drive-aways since installation.

Once a driver has reversed up to the relevant loading bay, he collects a Salvo lock from the storage box in the office, fits it to the emergency airline coupling and removes the key immobilising
the trailer. The key is then inserted into a control box next to the bay door and turned. This causes amber beacons to flash inside the bay and allows the door to be opened and the dock leveller
positioned. The key remains trapped in the control box while the door is open. Once loading or unloading is complete, the door is closed, the key released from the control box and the Salvo removed from the airline coupling.

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