First time right orders at Atchison Topeka

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Third party logistics company Atchison Topeka has increased supply chain visibility and eliminated order processing errors after implementing Wesupply’s electronic trading software, OneTime.

Atchison Topeka specialises in the food sector, delivering ingredients such as chocolate, jams, fruit mixes, sugars and bagged powdered ingredients to its customers’ UK manufacturing centres. 

Previously, the company used a manual order entry process, but the system was time consuming and as it involved dealing with large quantities of paperwork and fax orders there were a considerable number of errors.

“Our existing B2B processes were hugely inefficient and the situation was worsening with each additional trading partner,” says Darren Cronshaw, operations director at Atchison Topeka.

“The order processing solution in place lacked resilience to the changing demands of our customers and it was decided that a more robust and scalable electronic trading solution was required.”

Moving to Wesupply has allowed Atchison Topeka to connect to its customer base via a single platform, enabling greater control of the customer ordering process, as well as providing 100 per cent inventory record matching.

Errors are now eliminated before they have a chance to impact on performance, and the costs associated with the manual procedure have been reduced, both of which have increased the quality of service to the customer.

Additionally, Atchison Topeka can now add new trading partners more quickly and efficiently as OneTime integrates its business processes with those of the company’s customers.

OneTime was rolled out to the company’s major customers over a six month period.

“We have customers linked via the OneTime solution, with varying levels of complexity, from simple order transfers to full SAP integration across multiple operating sites throughout Europe,” says Cronshaw.

The company now plans to roll out the software to its entire customer base.

“The implementation of the OneTime solution has enabled efficiencies across our customer-facing supply chain which were previously unattainable. We can now exchange real-time supply data with our customers, enabling increased efficiency and improved customer service,” concludes Cronshaw.

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