Tradeteam and Volvo in driver safety study

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UK drinks distributor Tradeteam is joining Volvo in a European driver safety study,- Euro- FOT, looking at driver behaviour in relation to on-board safety systems.

Tradeteam drivers will continue deliveries as usual, but in 15 Volvo trucks equipped with cameras and data recorders over 12 months.

The EU funded project will collect information on speed, braking behavious and irregular driver eye movements.

Carl Johan Almqvist, traffic and product safety director at Volvo Trucks said: “This project enables us to register in detail potentially dangerous situations. It also allows us to evaluate the benefits of our new accident prevention safety systems and build up a substantial bank of know-how for the development of new systems.”

Along with 28 partners, Tradeteam will submit data for the next year. More than 1,000 vehicles are also taking part in the initiative across France, Germany, Italy and Sweden.

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