Bull in a potato shed

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[asset_ref id=”946″]Branston, the potato buyer, packer and distributor, has installed Union Industries’ 4.5 metre high Bulldoor at the hub of a loading bay at its factory in Ilminster, Somerset.

Branston is one of the largest farmer-controlled produce businesses in the UK. It supplies supermarkets, including Tesco, with fresh potatoes and prepared vegetables. In addition to its factory in Ilminster, Branston operates sites in Lincoln and Scotland, employing more than 600 people in total.

The Ilminster factory, which has received more than £3million worth of investment in the past three years, is home to a large chilled storage facility designed to maintain the freshness of the potatoes. The 1.6 metre per second operating speed of Union’s doors enables regular vehicle traffic in and out of the chill store without compromising temperature levels, while helping to maintain hygiene in the area.

A mixture of Union Industries’ external Ramdoors and internal Bulldoors are in operation around the multi-million pound facility, which can handle 90,000 tonnes of potatoes a year.

Ian Wait, general manager at Branston in the South West, said: “The installation of Union’s doors is part of our ongoing commitment to create an efficient and effective production facility within the factory. The benefit of being able to withstand harsh environmental conditions with minimal maintenance requirements is an important part of that commitment.”

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