Aggressive action needed to cut transport emissions

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AEA, a climate change consultancy, has told the European Commission that it will take ambitious and aggressive measures to achieve a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from transport.

It has just completed a study “EU Transport GHG: Routes to 2050?” which it says is aimed at stimulating action to decarbonise the EU transport sector.

Sujith Kollamthodi, practice leader for transport at AEA said: “Transport has one of the fastest growing greenhouse gas emissions trajectories by sector and there is now an urgent need for a long-term sustainable policy framework to curtail and reverse this trend. AEA has examined all the options, but it is clear that there is no silver bullet – only an ambitious combination of the available policy measures will enable us to achieve the significant emissions reductions needed in the transport sector.”

The report proposes that packages of technical and non-technical options including road pricing, fuel tax increases, electric vehicles, biofuels, energy efficiency improvements and further vehicle emissions regulations are needed.

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