Fashioning the future of designer deliveries

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Freight forwarder Bellville Rodair International established a dedicated high end fashion division called Couture five years ago. The division was created after working in conjunction with a German fashion designer to develop a way of transporting high value garments with less risk of damage or crushing.

Anton Conlon, business development manager for the division says the differentiator for the business is its specially-designed containers and totes, including light collapsible totes, wardrobe totes designed to fit into ocean containers, tote inserts, the BRI Rack System, the Couture Vault and a cloth box called the Clox.

BRI offers both garment on hanger (GOH) and flat pack services including international freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehouse and distribution and specialised domestic transport.

For GOH deliveries, garments remain hanging throughout the delivery process with adequate space to prevent creasing or crushing. This means garments do not have to be steamed on arrival, which helps to save time and prevent damage.

The BRI Couture Wardrobe comprises two hanging rails and when used in conjunction with a cascading rope which loops over the top of the rail, can provide room for 100 to 160 suits or 280 to 460 dresses.

The company is continually reassessing its offering and devising new ways of transporting goods. It recently worked with a milliner to develop a more secure way of sending hats to Milan when it came up with the insert idea. BRI designed the insert to sit within a tote which offers up to 27 different compartments across three layers to keep loose fragile items protected.

BRI has Couture logistics centres in Stuttgart, London and Toronto and counts Prada, milliner Louis Mariette and Swiss menswear manufacturer Strellson among its clients.

It is also in constant contact with the British Fashion Council and works with up and coming designers.

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