Optrak launches new version of routeing software

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Optrak Distribution Software has launched the latest version of its vehicle routeing and scheduling software. 

The software company reckons that the new features provide greater visibility, insight and control over fleet operations, and allow companies to taking into account the balance between meeting customer service commitments and managing customer and account profitability.

For example, the value of each order can be compared to the marginal cost of delivery which allows identification of orders that are either not profitable or marginally profitable.  It is then easy to allocate these to be sent more cost effectively by a third party carrier.

Tim Pigden, managing director of Optrak said, “Routeing systems have been around since the 1980s but there are still many companies relying on time consuming manual planning to build their vehicle routes.  As a result they face higher costs and are missing out on many opportunities to increase transport efficiency.”


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