NYK boosts warehouse efficiency

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NYK Logistics has cut mis-shipments from its warehouse in Prague following the introduction of RFID technology for warehouse processing.

Developed by Monohakobi Technology Institute, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NYK, the Ubiquitous RFID Warehouse System uses RFID tags to identify the goods on pallets when they arrive at the warehouse. The system can also determine the floor and rack locations of certain pallets.

NYK’s forklift operators receive wireless instructions from the warehouse management system and execute the operation while the whereabouts and identification of the cargo is determined automatically by the RFID technology. The operator needs only to move close to the pallet for the system to advise what type of cargo it is and where it needs to be taken. The instructions from the forklift operator can then be entered into the system via the touch-screen display, the keyboard or by voice command.

Warehouse manager Jan Jirncny says: “We have had to change our processes slightly, as paper forms are no longer needed to process shipments through the warehouse. Thus we have reduced our paper consumption significantly and increased efficiency. The new technology has immediately improved the quality of our service by decreasing mis-shipments to our customers. In addition, the visibility of cargo movements and the progress of every single operation are available online, which helps to improve the operation further.”

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