TNT Post in talks on redundancies

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TNT Post has agreed to hold talks with unions in the Netherlands with the aim of reducing the number of redundancies from a proposed 4,500.

Like other post offices, TNT Post has been affected by falling volumes, and pressure on prices as result of substitution and competition. It has put in place a plan to save a  total of € 430 million for the period 2010-2017.

The unions have recognised that TNT Post is forced to make considerable cost savings, but in September set out proposals for reducing the number of compulsory redundancies.

In a statement, the company said: “TNT Post expects to be able to round off the talks with the works council in the near future and is prepared to amend elements of its plans so as to lower the number of compulsory redundancies. However, these measures will not be able to avert compulsory redundancies altogether.”


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