New explosion proof truck conversion from Pyroban

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Safety specialist Pyroban is launching System 6000, an explosion proof forklift conversion, to operate in Zone 2 classified hazardous areas.

Pyroban converts standard forklift trucks and similar mobile equipment so that they cannot cause a fire or explosion within Zone 2 classified areas where flammable liquids, bottled gases and aerosols are present.  

System 6000 is suitable for all types of diesel and electric mobile equipment, and incorporates intelligent gas detection to continuously monitor the direct environment around the protected equipment and to automatically shut down the equipment whenever necessary.

When a mixture of flammable gas or vapour in air is detected, System 6000 gives an audible and visual warning at 10 per cent Lower Explosive Limit propane in air and at 25 per cent it shuts down the protected equipment automatically eliminating the risk of an explosion.

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