Scottish haulier drives down fuel consumption

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Family-run logistics firm John Mitchell has reduced fuel usage, increased driver and vehicle safety and improved visibility of its 100-strong fleet.

Six years ago the company adopted the MAN Trucknology System, which is based upon Microlise’s telematics and tracking unit and its core transport management software suite.

The Microlise Tracking Unit (MTU3) was installed and connected to the vehicle’s CANbus, with the host system including modules such as map client, transport management centre, tachograph integration, driver communication and a reporting suite.

Iain Mitchell, managing director of John Mitchell, says: “We were one of the first to implement a system like Microlise’s in the area, we took a lot of convincing to the benefits of telematics. Over the years we have seen massive improvements in the way we run our operation; the partnership between ourselves, MAN and Microlise has developed and progressed beyond our expectations.”

The system uses messages sent by right clicking on a vehicle or driver in the transport management centre or map client to send messages to individuals or groups of drivers.

As a result, Mitchell’s has slashed its phone bills by 80 per cent since implementing the system.

The traffic office uses the Map Client to monitor the location and status of vehicles on trips to identify any schedule adherence issues, as well as the map client’s journey playback facility to debrief drivers on specific issues and exceptions.

John Mitchell is also now saving eight miles per gallon by using Microlise’s safe and economical driving reports.

The reports display both group level and individual driver performance, highlighting things such as harsh braking, idling, speeding, greenband driving, use of cruise control and primary and secondary braking using an A-G energy efficiency rating.

Angela Martin, system administrator at John Mitchell, explains: “With our operation type and terrain, we are more than happy with this level of fuel consumption, the drivers can relate to these reports, and are really responding well after a pessimistic reception to the system at first.”

Over the coming months, John Mitchell is looking to integrate some of the more advanced features of the transport management centre to its operation, including the Microlise electronic traffic sheet, which will allow it to manage all routes within the TMC, or imported from a third party routeing and scheduling package, as well as other modules, such as arrivals and departures.

John Mitchell is based in Grangemouth in Scotland and runs a fleet of skeletals for container transport, tankers, rigids and curtainside trailers.

The company works for 30 different customers on a daily basis completing a variety of general haulage, delivery and loading operations across the country, beginning and ending each day in Grangemouth.

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