A mark of safety

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Dirt is the main cause of long-term damage to floor markings, so to increase their longevity ASG Services recommends a series of maintenance steps.

  • Sweep the floor with a brush or mechanical cleaner as often as required to avoid dust and dirt accumulating. If a mechanical floor sweeper is used softer bristles are recommended over hard, which tend to be more aggressive and will scratch and dull the paint surface.
  • Wash and scrub the floor regularly using the correct detergent solutions. For general cleaning many industrial cleaning solutions are appropriate and a weekly clean is recommended but areas subject to heavy forklift or other material handling equipment traffic should be cleaned more frequently.
  • Avoid using stiff bristle brushes or caustic and solvent based solutions as they are liable to cause dulling.
  • Place mats at entrance doors to reduce dirt and moisture being transferred to the floor.
  • Avoid sliding or dropping heavy or pointed equipment.
  • Do not drag or push pallets.
  • Repair any significant damage as soon as possible.Concrete shrinks even more dramatically when it is in a cool location such as a freezer store.
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