Sealed Air launches hybrid packaging

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Protective packaging manufacturer Sealed Air has launched Korrvu Hybrid, the latest version of its Korrvu product range.

It aims to protect electronic goods such as mobile phones, cameras and laptops through its design which looks like Korrvu retention packaging but has the benefits of suspension packaging.

The hybrid design requires fewer steps in manufacturing and assembly, which lowers labour costs too.

Ingo Lublow, European Korrvu business development manager at Sealed Air, said: “Similar to Korrvu retention packaging, the Korrvu Hybrid package uses a proprietary retention frame and elastomeric film to hold the items securely in place during shipment.

“When the side flaps of the corrugated retention frame are folded up, the resilient film is loosened, creating an insertion pocket where the item is placed. When the flaps are folded down, the film, which is attached to the corrugated frame, stretches over the product and holds it securely in place”.


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