Savoye extends packing machine range

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Savoye is extending its range of small format packaging machines with the E-wrap. The machine is equipped with two integrated lateral preparation workstations and a labelling machine connected to a barcode reader.

These features enable E-wrap to prepare orders and create packaging to suit the product’s dimensions. The E-wrap also labels each box ready for dispatch.
The E-wrap is particularly targeted at companies which carry out manual order preparation in “pick then pack” mode.

It is adapted more precisely to two manual order preparation configurations:

* Mono-product mass preparation, for large campaigns for example. A pallet of products is deposited close to the picker workstation integrated into the machine. The picker deposits the products on the E-wrap’s conveyor, with the order form bearing a barcode, to be packaged;

* Preparation for customers with a high number of references with varied rotations. A collection and a sort are carried out before the products are transported to the operator. The latter then deposits them on the E-wrap’s conveyor, with the order form.

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