Cheesemaker chooses Witron for expansion project

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German cheese manufacturer Goldsteig Käsereien Bayerwald has taken on systems integrator Witron Logistik and Informatik for a project to expand its capacity and renovate its warehouse, which is expected to complete by the end of 2011.

Witron will provide a multi temperature, five aisle, high bay warehouse with some 15,000 pallet storage positions.

Cheese products will mature in the warm storage area, at 20°C. Once ready for dispatch, cheeses will be moved to two cold areas, at 0-6°C or 3-6°C.

The stacker cranes used in the plant will have built-in measuring devices to determine the maturity of the cheese. Some will also have energy recovery units.

The warehouse is being erected using a silo construction with conveyors connecting it to both floors of the cheese processing centre, the different production lines, the packaging lines, the palletising robots and the dispatch area. The conveyor system will also have a maturing container turning station, which will turn the cheeses automatically to aid the maturation process.

Witron is also supplying its own warehouse management system which will be integrated across all functions at the site, and includes a material flow control system.

Goldsteig has used Witron as its systems integrator since 1997.

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