Stobart gets to the bottom of branding

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The Stobart Group has taken a “posterior branding site” on jockeys in a deal that will enable the Professional Jockeys Association to to re-introduce career ending insurance (CEI) for its members.

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The British Horseracing Authority had to agree to the new posterior branding site for jockeys. The income from the this sponsorship will used for the welfare of jockeys.

Stobart chief Andrew Tinkler is a racehorse owner with about 60 horses in training. He said: “It’s great that we can help support the PJA in a way that is actually going to make a difference to the jockeys themselves. I understand the risks involved in business and we have processes in place to minimise those. So its reasonable to suggest the same should be true within sport. I’m pleased that our support will be put to such good use.”

And Kevin Darley, chief executive of the PJA, said: “As an association, we have not been able to offer career ending insurance since 2008 because of the prohibitive cost of premiums. Therefore, we are delighted that such a prestigious company as Stobart Group has agreed to become a PJA sponsor and that the income from the new ‘posterior’ branding site is going to be used for the welfare of all Jockeys.”

As part of the deal, Stobart also becomes the headline sponsor of The Lesters for the next two years –  horseracing’s night of the year.

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