TruckStops adds flexibility for fine-tuning

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TruckStops, the popular and powerful routing optimisation solution from MapMechanics has introduced TruckStops 11 routeing and scheduling software, which it says offers more flexibility for users to reflect the subtleties of their own fleet operations.

The software can now be set up too insist that vehicles visit certain call points in a given sequence, whether this provides the best possible route from other points of view or not. This might for example be required when goods have to be collected or delivered in a certain order.

It is also possible to tell TruckStops to generate a route with a fixed call sequence automatically, and then repeat the same sequence every day, even if load volumes differ from day to day.

Planners can also set TruckStops to give priority to specific vehicles or groups of vehicles when working out its routes. This is particularly useful where an operator wants to give preference to loading its own vehicles over those of a third-party contractor.


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