Konecranes launches the Boxrunner straddle carrier

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Konecranes has launched the Boxrunner straddle carrier as a flexible crane providing combined ship-to-shore,  and automated yard crane service.

Konecranes reckons the new straddle carrier meets demand from two markets, large container terminal operators that are adopting automation technology for greater efficiency as well as  companies that do not have container handling as a core competence, but handle incoming and outgoing materials in containers.

The Boxrunner handles all ISO container sizes, stacking two-high at high speed. It is offered as a 50 tonne twin twenty lift machine and as a 40 tonne single lift machine that can travel at 30 km/h with a 25 m/min hoist speed.

The Boxrunner uses Konecranes’ rope and drum hoisting system, and has an electronic-hydraulic system with four-cylinder steering.

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