DHL exhaust device promises 6pc saving

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DHL Supply Chain has introduced an exhaust gas management device for its 7.5 tonne rigid and panel van fleets in the UK.

The device fits to the end of the exhaust and uses the venturi tube principle to prevent the back stream of air and exhaust gases from flowing back into the engine via the exhaust. In this way the engine no longer has to process these impurities and as a result runs more efficiently.

In trials, the technology, developed by Jetpia in South Korea, has delivered average cost savings on fuel of around six per cent, as well as a similar percentage reduction in CO2 emissions.

Ian MacAulay of DHL’s UK fleet engineering services said: “New developments such as Jetpia are making a big difference to the carbon output of our fleet and are helping us move towards our target of improving the CO2 efficiency of our own operations and those of our subcontractors by 30 per cent by the year 2020.”

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