Materials handling stats show depth of recession

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The impact of the recession on Europe’s materials handling equipment manufacturers has been highlighted in new statistics from the European Materials Handling Federation (FEM).

The figures cover the five years to 2009 – the height of the recession in Europe – and show that in 2009, there was a fall in production value of 25 per cent compared with 2008. FEM plans to produce figures for 2010 showing the scale of the recovery later this year.

The figures also show that exports now represent more than a third of the European materials handling equipment’s production value. This share almost doubled between 2005 and 2009.

External materials handling products have also increased their presence on the European market. Although they still represent a relatively modest share (11 per cent) of the EU domestic demand, such share doubled between 2005 and 2009.

The figures, which are based on Eurostat data, as well as estimates from FEM and VDMA for equipment not covered by Eurostat. This is the first time that FEM has compiled statistical data on the production value and external trade of European materials handling, lifting and storage equipment.

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