Weiss Röhlig launches Trans-Siberian rail freight service

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Weiss Röhlig has launched a Trans-Siberian container service connecting China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and South East Asia with more than 2,000 railway stations in the emerging markets of Russia and CIS countries.

The rail head is located close to the ports of Vladivostok and Vostochny providing an intermodal hub for Intra Asia carriers to connect into the Trans-Siberian rail network. The Trans-Siberian service connects through the Moscow hub and then cargo is moved on to Russia and Central Asia.

Transit times from Vladivostok and Vostochny to Moscow are between nine and ten days with one or two days clearance needed at port.

Franco Ravazzolo, manager project logistics & break bulk, said: “Demand is increasing to provide direct services from China to Russia and Central Asia via rail, rather than shipping to Northern Europe and then connecting to the European rail network.

Weiss Röhlig also operates its Trans-China route connecting the east of China to Central Asia including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.

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