Friday 19th Oct 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Bespoke stacker from Stanley Handling

Bespoke handling equipment firm Stanley Handling has supplied a ROBUR 4-way stacker for the National Museums at Chatham project.

Handling provided a versatile pedestrian-operated truck to handle the variety of crates and containers of display artefacts.

A powered stacker truck based upon the ROBUR SBP/4V 4-way was designed, modified to operate as a stacker in narrow aisles, or as a as a reach truck within the site’s cantilever racking.

The unit also has programmable vehicle speed, an operator safety button and variable lift/lower speed controls.

 The bespoke truck

The museum will house over 5,000 objects for permanent display or safe storage, including rare maritime artefacts, and priceless historical models of ships.