New products on show at Logistics Link Live

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Logistics Link Live is moving into the National Exhibition Centre on 8th and 9th June with a host of new products on show from leading materials handling and logistics IT suppliers.

Put that together with the live demonstrations, the Logistics Manager Conference and an innovative seminar programme and Logistics Link is a must for logisticians.

The exhibition is  co-locating for the first time with Subcon and The Tooling Show which attract more than 3,000 visitors, many of whom are also interested in logistics equipment and IT systems.

A host of exhibitors have already signed up to give live demonstrations of the latest advances in equipment and systems, ranging from space saving fork trucks to packaging and software developments. They include Jungheinrich’s range of warehouse equipment and Bendi’s innovative and versatile articulated fork trucks; automated packaging systems from B+ Equipment and Schoeller Arca Systems; Unique ID’s IDPOD delivery software solution – and other exhibitors including @Logistics Reply, Ranpak, MacFarlane Packaging, Ro-Dor, Easypack and TopVox.

Live demo: Automated packing
B+ Equipment will demonstrate the I-pack to show how packing automation meets most of the large retailers’ current concerns while keeping it simple to implement and simple to operate. Savings will be detailed through figures about the return on investment and opportunities to save on packaging materials. The purpose of the demonstration is also to show that packing automation is simple to implement and simple to operate in most sites producing more than 1,000 boxes per day.

When & Where

Wednesday 8th June: 9.30am – 4.30pm

Thursday 9th June: 9.30am – 4.00pm

Venue: Hall 3, National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, B40 1NT

New: Warehouse management
DeltaWMS is launching a new version of its warehouse performance system, DeltaWMS 7.0, which features automatic production of retailer advanced shipment notifications for improved load management, plus enhanced management of picking operations, including extended picking and work allocation options. DeltaWMS v7.0 also has a redesigned reporting suite with a new look and feel.

Seminar: Real RoI using voice
Voice has increasingly become common in warehouse and distribution operations as more people realise the accuracy and efficiency benefits that it can produce, creating a rapid ROI. Anton du Preez of VoiteQ discusses implementation of voice projects.

Live demo: topVOX headset
top-VOX, has just launched the topSPEECH-BlueMaster, a wireless headset with audio broadband transmission, which is designed to make voice picking easier and safer. A replaceable battery provides a running time of around 15 to 20 hours. Top-VOX reckons the combination of the topSPEECH-BlueMaster and topSpeechLydia 6.0 voice software will result in higher pick rates, and is inviting visitors to pick orders at the demo warehouse of its stand.

Live challenge: Truck skills
RTITB is inviting all currently NORS-registered counterbalance operators and RTITB-registered instructors along to take part in “The Safe And Victorious”. These are challenges based on its 2008 Operator of the Year Competition grand final testing. Operators and instructors will have the choice of two 15 minute challenges, designed to showcase their skills and highlight the importance of lift truck training. Over the two days the top scoring competitor from each challenge will win a free lift truck instructors course at The RTITB Academy – subject to eligibility.

New: Communication breakthrough
Ranpak, the paper-based in-the-box packaging systems supplier, will show a new patented technology that allows companies to use packaging to communicate directly with their customers. Ad’Pad features a pre-printed strip added to the paper to enable a company to engage in corporate branding, extensive communication and very specific call-to-actions.

Picking made easy
Knapp will be highlighting its recently launched series of Pick-it-Easy workstations designed for a range of applications including pharmaceuticals, food products, component parts and garments. The Pick-it-Easy stations have been developed to optimise each individual task, using full-scale models. They feature pick-to-light and put-to-light technology, with pick positions displayed via container lighting. Knapp will also be showing its OSR Shuttle system, which has been installed at over 100 sites worldwide including John Lewis, British Gas, AAH Pharmaceuticals and CooperVision in the UK.

Keeping floors up to scratch
Grimsby Resin Floors reckons one of the most significant costs managers face is repairs to handling equipment caused by broken expansion joints and flooring failures. GRF offers a free of charge site survey to identify any urgent repairs and highlights the importance of implementing a rolling programme to ensure floors are always at the right standard. GRF reckons that rather than this being an additional cost it will actually save money in the long run.

Seminar: Access to the profession
Steve Ellis of the Road Haulage Association looks at how legislation changes in December 2011 will have major impact on road transport operators in this daily session from RHA.

Exhibitor list

@Logistics Reply 118
Acrovision Ltd 140
AIDC Solutions 138
Antalis Packaging 191
ATMS 222
B+ Equipment Demo 2 & 243
Bio8 223
CILT 225
Cirrus Logistics 130
Cognex 140
CSI Business Systems 102
DDC Freight Process Outsourcing 117
DeltaWMS 164
Doosan 126
E&K Automation 160
Easypack 132
EXDS 250
First Investments 135
Flexi Narrow Aisle 190
Grimsby Resin Floors 162
Handling & Storage Solutions 158
HaulTech 246
Inotec UK 142
Integrated Skills 180
ISM Clean 104
Jungheinrich (UK) Demo 1 & 196
Kardex Demo 7
Knapp UK  144
Logistics Link 226
Logistics Manager 226
Lutterworth Ecolighting 124
Macfarlane Packaging 242
Maxim Computer Services 157
NBA Consultants 230
OBS Logistics 154
Ontech Solutions 197
Orion Consulting 165
Proteus Software 146
Psion 140
Ranpak BV 152
Raupack 106
Red Ledge 244
Renovotec 166
Ro-Dor 194
Road Haulage Association 245
Röder UK 188
Schoeller Arca Systems 156
Slimstock 224
Snapfulfil SaaS WMS 192
top-VOX UK 133
Translift Bendi Demo 3
UKWA 238
Unique ID Demo 4
Voiteq 130
Warehouse & Logistics News 108
Wellington IT Solutions 141
Zetes 232


Green solution to skid marks
Bio8 supplies cleaning products that provide non-hazardous solutions to tough cleaning problems within industry. It will be showing Envii EN701, a non-Hazardous rubber tyre mark remover that alters the surface tension of the rubber to quickly and safely remove it from floors and also cleans the safety lines on the floors making them more visible and avoiding the need for repainting them. It will also be showing non-hazardous cleaners for removing oils and degreasing.

New: Latest ERP from Wellington
Wellington will be introducing the latest version of its core ERP system on Oracle 11g. This version of the software has been successfully upgraded into many of our existing customers and is currently used for the warehousing of all packaged Heineken products in Ireland, Ireland’s largest distributor of beer, Ireland’s largest distributor of wine and many others. Wellington will also exhibit its Mobile computing, financials, business intelligence, trade promotions management, warehouse management and duty management software.

Seminar: RFID & 2D Codes
David Stocker of inotec looks at the difference between auto ID technologies (2D, linear barcode and RFID) and explains the difference between them all and how that might benefit your business. It also provides guide price information and explains what other equipment might be needed to allow the technology to work and the subsequent cost for that too. Inotec will be highlighting three products at the show: Pak-Sense, the electronic temperature tracking label; Duraline – Rapid, a permanent line identification system; and Floorblock which provides identification of block stack pallet areas.

New: WMS in the cloud
@Logistics Reply has launched SideUp Reply, a software-as-a-service product based on the Click warehouse management system. It offers full WMS functionality and support for printers, radio frequency, and voice recognition, all delivered via the web. Demonstrations will be available of both Click Reply and SideUp Reply.

Elegant sufficiency
Cushion void fill manufacturer Easypack supplies both the converting machinery and the consumables. It works on an “In the Box” method of working highlighting to customers that it is not necessary to fill the box with endless amounts of void fill to protect goods in transit. But simply securing the product in place with various packaging techniques, Easypack demonstrates how savings can be made using less material but with the same end results.

New: Web-enabled inventory tracking
OBS Logistics will be showcasing two new products: Calidus TTM, a web-enabled supply chain inventory tracking system; and Calidus Vision, a configurable dashboard which displays key performance information about operations and alerts the user to key events that require action.


Higher intelligence
NBA Consultants will be demonstrating its QlikView business intelligence software which uses real-time data by integrating with any business software platform, including SAP and Siebel, to pool all company data into one source. Instant access to real-time business critical information; faster reaction times to emerging opportunities or threats; increased customer retention through greater efficiencies and a better understanding of customers’ business needs; and ability to direct resources wherever necessary and ensure high and consistent performance standards.

Seminar: Document management
Orion Consulting is releasing a new version of its PathFinder software product. PathFinder version 4.0 has already been implemented at a large logistics company. Luk Van Roy of SCMC&T, project manager of a recent WMS implementation at a major Belgian logistics operation, explains the many and varied EDI, document and label requirements of its customers and how they were solved with a PathFinder.

New: Folding containers
Schoeller Arca Systems has developed a range of Prelog folding design distribution containers to include the Clever Move Box ‘Prelog CMB 6440’. This new development was designed for a large French sportswear retailer to replace expensive one trip cardboard packaging units. With an external footprint of 600 x 400 x 400mm and being straight walled it boasts an 80 litre capacity and with an integrated lid design that folds flush to the side wall.

Seminar: Transport management
Dave Renshaw of OBS Logistics will look at the benefits that can be achieved within distribution operations by using an effective transport management system using real life examples.

First time for Ontech
Software developer Ontech Solutions is exhibiting at Logistics Link for the first time with its Vision Software suite for warehousing and transport companies both large and small. The suite covers everything from warehouse management to third party billing to electronic proof of delivery.

Printing and bar-coding from Maxim
Maxim Computer Services focuses on commercial printing & bar-coding equipment from leading worldwide manufacturers including Printronix, Toshiba, Zebra, Datamax, Printek, HP, TallyGenicom, Honeywell, Datalogic, Motorola and Symbol. The company has more than 22 years’ experience of supplying bespoke solutions for automotive, logistics, retail and healthcare industries. It has a team of manufacturer trained technicians based in the Midlands.

Live demo: Jungheinrich
Jungheinrich will be demonstrating two new products. The first is a warehouse navigation system that works in wide aisles and directs forklifts around the distribution centre in the safest, most time efficient and environmentally conscious way. The system massively reduces the pressure on the truck operator. The second is the Auto Pallet Mover – a new type of automated guided vehicle which moves independently around the warehouse and has been designed to perform “routine” handling tasks such as delivering palletised loads from the goods-in area or production line to a transfer point in the racking system.

Seminar: Inventory management
Richard Evans of Slimstock looks at how the next level of inventory management software will give you a significant increase in availability in combination with a 30 per cent reduction of stock.

Live demo:
Data capture
Renovotec will be showing a range of products including the LXE Marathon and LXE Tecton (Tecton is the new replacement to the MX7) both of which it will be demonstrating on its stand. It also has the Datalogic Falcon and the Psion Omnii XT10. Other items being exhibited include the Psion Ikon, Psion WAP3, AML M7220 and AML M7225, the Intermec CS40, LXE MX7, MX8, VX7 and VX8.

Contract win for ATMS
ATMS comes to Logistics Link Live fresh from a contract win with OfficeTeam, which has chosen the StockTrack PLUS WMS for four large regional distribution sites. The project will be implemented initially at the Birmingham DC before being expanded to the London and South East facility in Croydon, the Scottish warehouse and finally to the Southern base.

Seminar: Supply chain modelling
Chris Staddon of Cirrus Logistics will discuss how by modelling and simulating your warehouse operation using Class, you could ensure that any potential issues are spotted and resolved before any major investment is made.

Get a taste of CILT training academy

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport will be running taster sessions for its training academy programmes. Sessions include:
*Warehouse Management
How to deliver the understanding and competence of those key elements of warehouse management practice that are fundamental to commercial organisations. This course is aimed at junior and middle managers who require a greater insight into the role of the warehouse in today’s supply chain and how effective warehouse management can lead to increased profitability
* The Supply Chain Awareness Game
The game provides delegates with an understanding of supply chain management and how the principles can be applied to their own organisation. It will help identify barriers to effective communication and team working, as well as the effects these have on staff and their organisations as a whole. As a result, barriers will start to be broken down, leading to improved and streamlined operations.
* Carbon Awareness
Gain a better knowledge of the impact of the different greenhouse gases on the atmosphere as well as carbon footprint methodology. Develop an understanding of the legislation (in place and to come) and carbon accounting terminology. This course is suitable for any person who needs to understand how a carbon footprint is calculated, as well as those who wish to learn about legislation.
* Continuing Professional Development
Understand the importance of CPD and the different ways you can plan, record and develop a CPD plan which will guide you through your career. You can also learn the different ways to develop both formally and informally.

Leading logisticians tackle the big issues facing the industry

The Logistics Manager Conference returns to Logistics Link Live following its success at Sandown Park. Sessions include:

Customer driven supply chain – responding to new distribution requirements and customer needs.
Chris Dyson, head of supply chain – south west Europe, Nokia Siemens Networks.

Reverse Logistics – Managing costs, cashing in on benefits.
Isolating the business drivers for reverse logistics and the impact that e-commerce has had on managing the costs of returns? Home based vs stores based delivery and returns; maximising the efficiency of warehousing strategies for maximum cost-savings.
Ian Rusher, head of global reverse logistics, Cisco; Senior representative, ASDA; chair: Professor John Cullen, associate dean for knowledge exchange, University of Sheffield.

Trends, issues and challenges in Supply Chain Management and Logistics for 2011 and beyond.
Professor Alan Braithwaite, chairman – LCP Consulting, Visiting Professor – Cranfield School of Management.

RFID – Benchmarking improved warehouse operations and inventory control.
Harris Makatsoris, senior lecturer – manufacturing and engineering systems, Brunel University.

Increasing collaboration with suppliers and customers to manage transport costs more effectively.
Working more closely with your partners to identify opportunities for further cost reduction; reviewing your service level agreements and establishing whether there is a clear business case to pass some of your costs onto your customers.

Optimising warehouse processes and distribution to improve operational efficiency and customer service

Logistics procurement – adding value across the supply chain

Eco-friendly logistics – evaluating costs, illuminating benefits

Increasing collaboration to manage operational costs more effectively – the pros and the cons


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