George Utz wins grant for air freight loading device

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George Utz has won a European grant to fund the research and development of a new unit load device for the global air cargo supply chain.

In partnership with Leicester based New Wave Innovation, it applied for the grant under the Seventh Framework Programme, the EU’s unit for funding research and technological developments in Europe.

The project, known as Safeguard, will focus on reduced weight without compromising safety or security. It should also offer economic savings and logistics improvements for airlines.

Carsten Diekmann, general manager at George Utz UK said: “We have a first class design team and have already done a lot of work with New Wave Innovation to ensure that we address the various safety issues as a top priority.”

Development of the new device will start in October 2011 and will run for 24 months. The first units are expected to be available from 2014.

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