Tesco completes £6.5m loading bay investment

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Easilift has completed a £6.5 million project to fit loading docks at Tesco’s 800,000 sq ft grocery distribution centre in Daventry, which Easilift claims is the largest single order ever placed in the UK for loading bay equipment.

Easilift worked with Tesco and the main contractor Volker Fitzpatrick to install 40 double deck lifting platforms and 100 dock leveller bays. Each of these is housed in an external loading pod.

Each of the 40 double deck bays has a heavy duty, surface mounted 16,000kg lifting platform, capable of carrying up to 30 roll cages. The lifts are located within external modular pods, manufactured and partially preassembled at Easilift’s Huddersfield factory. 

They are put together on site using a 60 tonne crane. This approach equated to a 60 per cent reduction in installation time when compared with previous lift installations.

Limited space meant that the double-deck bays had to be constructed in pairs, which created a tandem pod around a single walkway to ensure safe and easy operator access.

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The dock leveller bays used 96 type 232 PoweRamp hinged lip units and four telescopic lip units. Each bay has a modular loading pod, a type 403 PowerShelter and a 601 PowerDoor.

Ancillary equipment supplied throughout all bays included environmentally-friendly LED traffic and loading dock lighting, pod lights, fully integrated control panels and heavy duty “slider” bumpers.

All goods in bays were fitted with Easilift’s dock management system which works with Traka’s electronic key control system to prevent vehicle drive-off accidents.

Duncan Robertson, project manager at Tesco, said: “In terms of size and scope, the development of the grocery distribution centre has been a huge undertaking, and Easilift has met our requirements every step of the way.”

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