Coca-Cola Enterprises signs two Norbert deals

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Coca-Coca Enterprises has signed two contracts with Norbert Dentressangle, to manage the warehousing and distribution operation of its UK vending business, and the distribution of its consumer beverages.

Under the first deal, Norbert Dentressangle will operate a centralised hub for the handling, storage, pre-delivery inspection and distribution of vending and cooling machines.

The operation will involve the movement of around 34,000 vending machines and coolers per year, and the delivery and installation of equipment at customer premises throughout the UK.

In conjunction with the delivery operation, Norbert Dentressangle will also be responsible for collecting withdrawn equipment from customers, which it will then trunk back to the central hub for inspection or disposal.

The transport operation will be served by a dedicated specialist fleet of 14 and 18 tonne rigid, tail-lift vehicles, equipped with specialist handling equipment to allow machines to be delivered to a range of installation points.

All deliveries will be undertaken by specially trained two-man crews who will be responsible for installing and demonstrating the equipment.

The dedicated fleet will be supplemented by Norbert Dentressangle’s national specialist shared-user network, to increase flexibility and control costs.

As part of the vending contract, Norbert Dentressangle will also handle the distribution of Coca-Cola Enterprise’s post-mix and dispense equipment throughout the UK, providing a specialist service for bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants.

The storage operation occupies 50,000 sq ft of dedicated space within Norbert Dentressangle’s shared-user warehouse at Kiln Farm in Milton Keynes.

The operation can also accommodate additional volumes when needed.

In addition to its core warehousing operations, Norbert Dentressangle will be responsible for product customisation and for the disposal of end-of-life product under the WEEE Directive and Hazardous Waste Regulations.

Kiln Farm is also the principal hub for the second contract for the distribution of consumer beverages.

It will involve the collection and delivery of around 86,000 pallets per year from five Coca-Cola Enterprise manufacturing and distribution centres to retailer and wholesaler regional distribution centres.

This will be supported by a second base in Yorkshire, which will be served by a fleet of dedicated and shared-user vehicles.

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