PepsiCo France skills exchange deal with STEF-TFE

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PepsiCo France and temperature-controlled logistics specialist STEF-TFE have signed an agreement to share supply chain human resources under a logistics contract which binds the two groups until 2013.

The two companies wanted to go beyond the usual outsourcing relationship and will now share transferable best practice and human resource expertise from their respective logistics activities.

Vincent Prolongeau, general manager of PepsiCo France and Jean-Pierre Sancier, general manager of the logistics arm of STEF-TFE signed the agreement.

Prolongeau, who is also chairman of Entreprise et Progrès, said: “This partnership between a manufacturer and a logistics operator is unique and exciting. It proves that partnerships, beyond their economical justification, also involve people from two companies.”

PepsiCo’s head of human resources Delphine Dupuis said: “This proactive approach to work and the enhancement of socio-dynamics will lead to a learning and accountable relationship between the two partners. Individual performance and motivation will help the collective performance of the two companies.”

This exchange of skills is part of PepsiCo’s “Performance with purpose” project which aims to promote enhanced respect for people and the environment.

Under the agreement, PepsiCo France and STEF-TFE will collaborate in three main areas in 2011.

* Safety and well-being at work
Management teams at PepsiCo France and STEF-TFE have agreed meet to discuss themes including reducing risk, as well as suggesting areas for improvement on arduous working conditions. Similarly, PepsiCo France has agreed to share with STEF-TFE the aspects of its “Well-being at work” programme that will be relevant to its logistics platform.

* Training
Both companies regard training highly and they have agreed to set up a training project based on their joint knowledge. STEF-TFE will conduct a training programme in logistics for the employees of the supply chain teams of PepsiCo France, through a module developed by the STEF-TFE engineering department. The feedback from PepsiCo France logistics teams will enhance the training module for the benefit of new employees at both companies.

* The culture of belonging
The two companies will meet for team bonding days. PepsiCo France will take part in the organisation of the “Open House” to be held on the STEF-TFE Plessis-Belleville logistics site. PepsiCo France will offer activities centred on its products.

Sancier, managing director of the logistics arm of STEF-TFE said: “We share with Vincent Prolongeau values and convictions on the importance of people in a company. STEF-TFE teams are stakeholders in the quality of PepsiCo France’s supply chain… Through this partnership, we want to work better, combine our skills and confirm the place of people at the core of our sustainable development policy. This is what this unprecedented partnership between our two companies means.”

Céline Liegent, head of human resources for the logistics arm of STEF-TFE says: “We believe that strengthening the ties of our employees with the brands and teams of PepsiCo France is key to bringing together all players in the logistics side for an improved long-term performance.

“The convention on the exchange of HR skills embodies our common willingness to go beyond the usual codes in out-sourcing. It will enable our teams to grow together and enhance the human resources vision of our two companies.”

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