Majestic boosts online sales

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Majestic Wine has posted a 9.6 per cent rise in online sales growth after taking on MetaPack’s delivery management software to help scale its delivery process for further expansion.

The number of orders it received rose to 175,000, up by 9.4 per cent year-on-year, with ecommerce orders accounting for 10.2 per cent of its total UK retail sales.

In addition to Majestic’s regular store-delivered service, where customers need to order a minimum of 12 bottles of wine or spirits online for delivery, it also operates a fast-growing service called Gift Solutions, which offers smaller gift packs with next day delivery.

These are fulfilled from its new warehouse located in St Albans. Although it currently uses a single carrier for next-day delivery, one of their main reasons it implemented MetaPack was the potential to go multi-carrier in the future.

Majestic Wine opted for a two-phase integration with its orders initially being entered into the system via file import so it could be up and running more quickly.

The API integration is scheduled later this year which will fully automate the process. It picks and packs in batches of around 40-50 and prints dispatch labels and gift notes on a single sheet.

Richard Weaver, ecommerce director at Majestic, said: “MetaPack is instrumental in streamlining our delivery process and assisting our online growth strategy. We expect to see our packing time reduce significantly, especially as we prepare for the Christmas peak when we deliver half our annual volume in just four weeks. We look forward to offering our customers a range of additional delivery service options in the future.”

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