Air pallet promises 35pc weight saving

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A 35 per cent weight saving is promised from a new composite air cargo pallet designed by Driessen with the backing of Air France-KLM Cargo.

The Herculight PMC pallet weighs 65-69 kilos compared to 104 kilos for the widely used PMC pallet. The aim is to help airlines meet their CSR objectives: reduce CO2 emission by using more composites and significantly reducing the use of aluminium, and being fully recyclable.

Gijsbert Woelders said: “Sustainability is taking shape at all levels of Air France-KLM. Weight reduction on board of our flights leads to less fuel burn and hence to less CO2 emission which is one of our CSR objectives. Therefore we are proud to be cooperating with Driessen on the development of the Full Composite Herculight Pallet.”

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