Calais logistics project unveiled

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A huge development designed to transform Calais into one of the biggest logistics gateway in Europe has been officially unveiled.

The Calais Premier project, which is centred on the industrial Turquerie business park next to the Calais-Dunkirk railway line, is expected to bring in up to £264m of investment from companies in the logistics, distribution and automotive manufacturing sectors.

The first phase of the project, a surface area of 50 hectares, will commence in 2012 and is due for completion by 2013-2014. This first site will be dedicated to logistics activities and transport services, and is expected to have 220, 000m2 of logistics warehouses, 50, 000m2 of industrial parks, and 11, 000 sq m of commercial property.

According to Didier Caudard-Breille, managing director of DCB International, the first phase of the Calais Premier project will create “thousands of new jobs” and will bring in £176 million worth of investments. By the second phase, this figure could reach up to £264 million.

£1.8m will be spent creating a railway junction at the site and modernising the Calais-Dunkirk railway line, and a further £350m will be invested doubling the size of the Port of Calais.

The project is due to be completed by 2015.


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