Fastbox first for JCL

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Austrian third party logistics provider JCL Logistics has become the first company to install Knapp’s Fastbox system, which is designed to speed up the picking of fast-moving products.

Fastbox is a tall storage tower for containers, trays or cartons, served by the ultra-rapid lift module from Knapp’s OSR Shuttle storage system.

Any number of these Fastbox buffers can be located directly adjacent to the order picking stations and used to store fast-moving products, such as lines that are included in current promotional campaigns.

The short transport distance from the picker and the ultra-fast handling combine to ensure maximum picking speed for these frequently required goods. Fastbox modules can also act as a buffer for order containers or as a means of sequencing containers ready for robotic palletisation or route-optimised vehicle loading.

[asset_ref id=”1352″] Knapp’s Fastbox tower

Fastbox towers can be up to 12 metres in height, with the number of levels variable according to container height.

The system which was unveiled at CeMAT in May, has been installed at JCL’s Werndorf warehouse.

Craig Rollason of Knapp says: “Fastbox makes the OSR Shuttle suitable for fast-movers, as well as medium-movers and slow-movers. The solution is therefore attracting considerable interest in the market.”

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