Christmas Day spending boost for home deliveries

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The period after Christmas promises to be a busy one for home delivery companies with consumers predicted to spend £186m online on Christmas Day alone, according to IMRG, the online retail club.

And spending on Boxing Day is expected to be double that at £367.8m. In fact, spending over the two days is predicted to be 12 per cent up on last.

On the internet every day is a potential shopping day and the Christmas holidays are no exception; IMRG are forecasting that consumers will spend £186.4m online on Christmas Day, with the Boxing Day spend expected to be almost double that at £367.8m.

“The amount of money consumers spend online every Christmas Day is continuing to show double-digit growth,” said David Smith of IMRG. “When you consider that the growth for the same day in 2010 was 26 per cent, the increase is the more impressive as it is coming from a very high base.

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“Although shopping on Christmas Day might not appear to quite be in the Christmas spirit, it is worth considering that many of these sales could actually be associated with popular gifts people have received, such as downloadable content for MP3 players and Kindles.”

This Christmas has seen another substantial growth in home delivery. Software house NetDespatch this week reported a 50 per cent increase in online traffic compared with the same two weeks before Christmas last year.

It said that its internet servers were being accessed up to twenty million times an hour in the run up to Christmas, saying this was evidence that people were spending less in the shops and more online.

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