Wig firm takes Torque

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Daxbourne International, a supplier of hair pieces and wigs needed to bolster its supply chain operation to increase capacity, after growing its business through retail, wholesale, e-commerce, mail order, and TV shopping channels.

The firm was concerned that its partner should understand the complex nature of its products, and chose third party logistics provider Torque.
Daxbourne has a product range of more than 5,000 SKUs covering wigs, hair extensions and accessories. 

A large volume of revenue is generated through TV shopping channels, which requires orders to be dispatched within a short time frame. Torque labels and packages each order in line with its supplier manual and then dispatches using the customers preferred agent.

Retail orders via mail order and online are picked and dispatched to specific courier tariffs within a short turnaround period.

Owing to the nature of the hair piece market, customers want to try and feel the product, which if unsuitable, can result in a high percentage of returns that require processing and quality checking.

Torque quality checks all returns and provides refurbishment services where necessary before items are returned to stock. Torque has recruited two team members with experience in hairdressing to carry out this operation. Once each item has gone back into the supply chain, Daxbourne will receive an automated report detailing which customer to credit.

Torque also provides the software to produce a stock rectification report, which is supplied every evening and calculates the customers’ stock levels for each revenue stream against Torque’s end of day stock levels to ensure both figures correspond. Daxbourne will also receive a continuous flow of reports throughout the day for intake and shipping.

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