Psion launches rugged handheld

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Psion has launched the Omnii XT15, its next generation rugged handheld device, with the promise of toughness, reliability and extended battery run time.

[asset_ref id=”1408″]The XT15

Under Omnii Advantage programme, customers have the opportunity to re-purpose their devices free of charge at any time after the first year of ownership. For example, a customer can start with a 2D barcode scanner and in the third year, replace that module with an RFID reader as the market moves to this technology. This eliminates the need to replace the entire product.

Psion chief John Conoley said: “When customers buy the Omnii XT15, they’re not just buying a product, they’re buying into a unique product family. Omnii is the most customizable and upgradeable platform in our industry. As customers’ needs evolve, their Psion Omnii devices can evolve with them.”

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