Friday 19th Oct 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Chevvy deal for Gefco

Chevrolet has hired Gefco to distribute its vehicles including Cadillacs, Corvettes and Camaros to some 33 dealerships across the UK.

Under the new arrangement Gefco will handle around 5,500 vehicles each year, providing finished vehicle logistics and onward distribution from its recently upgraded facility at Royal Portbury Docks.

The automotive manufacturer already uses Gefco to provide finished vehicle distribution across Russia and Northern Portugal, as well as distribution from Antwerp into France.

Mark Terry, Chevrolet UK managing director, said: “Gefco has proven expertise in offering Chevrolet flexible and timely logistics services throughout Europe, and we are very pleased to now be working with them in the UK as well. The company’s reputation for reliability and innovation means we can be confident that they have the ability to adapt and grow according to our business needs.”

Left to right: Bertrand De Techtermann, GEFCO UK automotive director, Mark Terry, Chevrolet UK managing director, and Tristan Balayn, GEFCO UK managing director.