S&OP for Easter bunny supplier

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Chocolatier Lindt & Sprüngli France, has signed a contract with DynaSys to take on its planning and scheduling software at its Oloron Sainte-Marie facility in France.

Lindt & Sprüngli was founded in Zurich in 1845, but now has eight production sites worldwide, and its products such as Easter eggs and gold bunnies are sold to mass market retailers in some 100 countries. 

The firm’s production peaks are for Christmas and Easter, when operations continue six or seven days a week. The manufacturing process involves turning cocoa broad beans into fine chocolate using automated systems to make the initial paste, which is then conditioned, moulded, set and decorated.

IT manager Vincent Bonnet, said: “Today, with the information collected in our ERP we are using Excel for planning this but it takes too much time to generate a new S&OP, which constitutes a barrier to our reactivity.”

Lindt & Sprüngli required a tool with broad functional coverage to allow quick generation of  S&OP, and an MPS and the possibility of synchronizing them with a scheduling tool.
Bonnet said: “We chose n.SKEP Production Planning and Preactor, two best of breed solutions. The functional cover of the software package of DynaSys combined with the scheduling tool of Preactor meets completely our requirements in terms of flexibility, ergonomics and optimisation.”

As well as more secure planning and increased productivity, the firm expects the DynaSys and Preactor software to boost inventory control, generate more relevant S&OP and MPS and to act as a direct interface with the existing ERP.

DynaSys counts Cadbury and Swiss chocolatier Cemoi among its clients, and Thierry Faguet, director of the Preactor European operations said: “We are delighted to number Lindt & Sprüngli among our users for the management of its production and this contract win highlights the synergy with DynaSys and reinforces our strong partnership with them. This new contract confirms the positioning of Preactor in the Food & Beverage sector with more than 300 accounts already installed.”

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