Mitsubishi launches electric counterbalance range

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Mitsubishi has launched a new range of three and four wheel electric counterbalance trucks – the EDIA EM “Electric Diamond” range of 1.3 to 2 tonne trucks.

The 48 volt trucks use Mitsubishi’s FeatherTouch electric steering, which the company says needs only half the effort of a conventional system and provides ‘force feedback’ to aid precision. 
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Noise is less than 66 dB(A) for the 3 wheel and 67 dB(A) for the 4 wheel.  That’s about the level of normal conversation.

Having developed hydraulic and travel interlock technology in its Integrated Presence System (IPS), Mitsubishi is equipping the EDIA with the upgraded IPS2.  This prevents all movement if the driver is not seated and gives seat belt and parking brake reminders. 

For extra security, IPS2 automatically applies an electronic parking brake when the driver leaves the seat.  And when the truck is being driven, a hill hold feature prevents accidental rolling – even on steep ramps.

A new Controlled Cornering System optimises travel speed for each turning angle.  The truck is programmable, allowing performance parameters to be adjusted precisely to meet the needs of each operator and task.  Importantly, a range of simple settings can easily be selected by the driver via the new, multi-function, colour display unit.

The EDIA is designed for outdoor as well as indoor use and meets the IPX4 waterproofing standard – resistant not only to wind-blown rain but to water splashing from all directions. 

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