E-commerce improves quality of life

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E-commerce simplifies life and significantly improves quality of life, according to a new study, Shopping 4.0, conducted by Deutsche Post DHL.

The study was conducted in cooperation with TNS Infratest and the Market Research Service Centre at Deutsche Post and covered Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Of the online shoppers in Germany, 44 per cent see improvements in their quality of life. Reasons stated were online shopping is more fun (41 per cent), less stressful (63 per cent) and allows them to better manage their time (81 per cent).

Of the respondents, 75 per cent are certain that online shopping has a positive impact on quality of life for those who have only limited access to brick-and-mortar retail establishments

Web shopping was also perceived as being an emotional experience. Two-thirds of those surveyed look forward to their package being delivered. Over 50 per cent of respondents said the experience was akin to “receiving a gift”, and that they experience an emotional high when their online purchase is delivered.

“The core finding of the study is that e-commerce has become part of mainstream society. Increasing numbers of people of all ages are using this convenient alternative to the stressful obstacle course of physical shopping. E-commerce is simplifying our professional and our personal lives. As Europe’s largest postal service and the market leader in Germany’s mail and parcel market, our top quality services are causing e-commerce in its current form to flourish. However, We want to create a better quality of life for millions of people regardless of age, income or place of residence. In short, we offer security and couple it with ease of use and speed,” emphasizes

Jürgen Gerdes, member of the management board and responsible for the MAIL Division at Deutsche Post DHL, said: “E-commerce has to be convenient for everyone involved – both for sellers and for buyers. For us, the result is a clear mandate from our customers: We need to guide our customers in the digital world as well and enable them to have convenient and safe access to the internet.”

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