Pall-Ex moves into Turkey

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Pall-Ex is establishing a network in Turkey, and is seeking a domestic haulier to make its “principal national partner”.

Last year Pall-Ex launched Pall-Ex Iberia and Pall-Ex Romania, and had previously set up Pall-Ex Italia. 

Anand Assi, project director in charge of the expansion, said: “Our principal aim is to create the first Pan-European palletised freight network, but we inevitably have ambitions beyond that too. Turkey not only has domestic products like textiles and minerals requiring domestic and Pan-European distribution but it is an increasingly important in-transit route.

“The Eurasian transport corridor connects Western Europe to Southeast Asia. Turkey’s location, as with Romania, makes an ideal transit trade hub between the two continents. It also has the benefit of linking to the Mediterranean and to Northern Africa. Turkey is a key location as we seek to expand beyond Europe.

“In Romania, we found that the ability to offer consistent and cost-effective express overnight distribution was something that was a major attraction, and having extensively researched the Turkish market, we believe that this will be equally attractive to many industries in Turkey too, with the textiles sector being a clear example,” said Assi.

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